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Pipes And Pints

Punk Rock, Folk from Czech Republic

Pipes and Pints is a punk-rock band which was formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina in Prague. At the same time, Vojta has started to play bagpipes which should become the base sound of the band music.

A year after the band released a demo and toured the Czech Republic and Central Europe. The band originally consisted of Vojta Kalina (bagpipes), Tomáš Novotný (guitar), Petr Bláha (drums). Kráťa (guitar) and Eddy Allen (bass guitar and vocals). The vision of the future for Pipes and Pints was not shared by all members so in the end of 2008 the drummer was replaced by Lukáš Vincour, a singer by Syco Mike and bass guitarist by Ondra Balvín.Pipes and Pints are devoting 2010 to what they love the most: live shows. With plans to support the album with as many gigs and tours as possible, Pipes and Pints are looking forward to making music "until they die".

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