Focus Panels @ ESNS 2019

Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy of Czech and Slovak live music sector

presented by Fullmoon Magazine

THU 17 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 11 (up) | 13:30 - 14:30

In case you ever wondered what are these two unique ESNS focus-countries had to offer for the music scene, you found the perfect occasion to get informed. A one hour music scene overview on market sizes, music genres, prices, opportunities, do-s and don'ts, access points and tactics first hand from promoters, agents, export offices.... in a non-dry manner.

Boycott Czechoslovakia – music journey from communism to capitalism

presented by DIY Magazine

FRI 18 Jan | De Oosterpoort, Back 11 (up) | 13:30 - 14:30

Was it right for The Cure or Toten Hosen to play communist Czechoslovakia in 1988? In era where new walls are rising, come to listing our stories from the countries which were long behind the Iron curtain. Learn which miracles music can do and how it changed during democracy after 1989. Find out how musicians experience the change from a uniformed totalitarian regime to wild capitalism. Come to argue about the role of music and a healthy balance between art and industry in a time of bigger and bigger commercial monopolies.


Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy of Czech and Slovak live music sector


DAVID ČAJČÍK Fullmoon Magazine, Roxy, Heartnoize Promotion - MODERATOR

David Čajčík co-founded Heartnoize Promotion in Prague, being part of the new wave of young promoters emerging after the Facebook takeover. Heartnoize have promoted more than 200 shows since 2013, booking alternative artists from all around the world and have built the reputation of having one the most interesting selections in the Czech Republic. He was also programming Žižkovská Noc, the biggest city festival in the Czech Republic for 10 thousand visitors and about 400 artists each year. He then transferred the inspiring idea of curatorship to other festivals he’s programmed for as FAMUFEST, Plzeňská Noc and Alternativa Festival.



Freelance PR and artist manager based in Bratislava, co-founder of LALA Slovak Music Export (initiative and NGO presenting Slovak music scene abroad) and co-founder, booker and PR director at SHARPE festival and conference.



David Urban founded D Smack U Promotion agency 25 years ago. Since then it has become one of the leading agencies in Prague and the Czech Republic.

In 1998 he organized a legendary dance festival at Prague Castle with The Orb as a headliner. He worked at Prague´s Roxy club from 1998 for about six years, succeeded in putting Roxy on the map of the European touring circuit and then moved to Lucerna Music Bar. He has promoted a number of talents including Franz Ferdinand, Marilyn Manson, Parov Stelar, George Ezra, The xx, Pixies, QOTSA, Interpol, Hurts, Faithless and Underworld, among others.

Apart from working in Lucerna Music Bar and venues in Prague ( Forum Karlin, Futurum, Café V lese etc.), around the Czech Republic and Bratislava in Slovakia, he has been booking acts for Rock For Churchill or Rock For People in the Czech Republic and for Grape Festival, the second biggest festival in Slovakia which he founded with his colleagues from Grape Agency in 2010.



Márton Náray has been working in the cultural sector for 20 years. He has worked as a record store manager, a festival programmer (Sziget Festival, Babel Sound, European Music Day…) a booking agent, a project manager for a governmental music export agency (Music Export Hungary), a city program manager, a conference organiser (regiON, SoundQuest, Overhead), club promoter, tour manager, musician, radio presenter, and of course as a music addict. He currently works on connecting the Czech music sector and facilitating many new projects as a director of the newly launched SoundCzech/Czech Music Office, and as the conference director of Nouvelle Prague.

TANA .jpeg


Representative of the emerging generation of modern-thinking and innovative artist managers and promoters. Tatiana manages young and promising Slovak musicians that aspire to play abroad, and under the umbrella of her brand Real Something she brings over foreign artists to Bratislava. In the last seven years she has worked with various venues and promoted concerts for more than 70 artists from countries from USA and Canada through Iceland and the UK to Scandinavia and mainland Europe.

In 2018 Tatiana got involved in organising the SHARPE music festival and conference in Bratislava, where she is one of the bookers and the head of the conference. The festival is focused on emerging artists from Europe and Slovakia, while the conference is reflecting on current trends and topics in the music industry.

Boycott Czechoslovakia – music journey from communism to capitalism



CEO of DIY, the music marketing, advertising and publishing group that puts artists' careers at the forefront of everything it does. Over the past decade, DIY has built a reputation for both discovering and nurturing acts, and has become a credible, authoritative voice within the music industry (festivals, promoters, labels, funders, technology partners) as well as with brands looking to reach a 1 million+ monthly international tastemaker audience, through its social media, online, physical and live presence. The company is now looking to start being more active exporting bands to overseas markets, and equally importantly, to start supporting more talent from overseas into DIY global activities through the DIY media and live stage infrastructure at SXSW, Reepperbahn, The Great Escape and many others.


MICHAL KAŠČÁK Pohoda Festival (SK)

Michal Kaščák (1972) is a promoter, musician, composer and lyricist. Pohoda is an art festival where alternative, indie, electronic, punk and world music meet classical music, along with literature, dance, visual arts, film and theatre. The Pohoda team also organises concerts and small festivals, such as the Doma dobre festival for homeless people. Derek Robertson of Drowned in Sound: “The organisation is superb. Compared to UK festivals this is Utopia. In fact, it’s one of the most well-behaved festival crowds I have ever witnessed...”.


BARBORA ŠUBRTOVÁ Metronome Festival (CZ)

Currently for the fourth year Šubrtová is Programme Director of Metronome Festival Prague, one of the biggest festivals in the Czech Republic and the only one in the capital. We booked Massive Attack, The Chemical Brothers, Sting, Iggy Pop, Kasabian, David Byrne and many more. Šubrtová has worked in the music industry since 2007 in a variety of roles and positions. From production manager, through programming assistant, marketing manager and spokeswoman back to programming which was her long-time goal.

Dusan Earth Music.jpeg

DUŠAN SVÍBA Earth Music (CZ)

Dušan Svíba is founder and booking agent at Earth Music, the Czech based booking agency established in 2002, active within the Central European territories and focused on genres like americana, alt-country, jazz, balkan and world music. He's also founder and artistic director of Colour Meeting festival (since 2001).

Dušan has been playing as an active musician in the 70s and 80's and from time to time when supported by a glass of some good stuff he will recount some of the experiences from the Communist era .



I was raving at the first techno and drum & bass parties and distributing my music burned on to CDs that I carried in my baggy pants.

When I had my heart properly broken up, I vented that out into Beautiful Lies track, which was eventually picked up and released by Hospital Records, I managed to excite and annoy lots of people with it around Europe and beyond. While most think it’s the only song I ever did, it’s not entirely true, as you can find out on Spotify or YouTube. I eventually managed to excite and annoy more people when I came out as transgender and started to be kind of an activist. Basically trying to make the world more beautiful, and less of a lie.

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