First Czech & Slovak bands announced for ESNS 2020

The following artists, selected in cooperation with EBU, are set to play ESNS in January:

FVLCRVM (Slovakia)

On the cutting edge between mainstream and underground, Slovakian suburban group FVLCRVM is a celebration of unpredictability. ADHD distorted club production meets mellow goosebump-inducing musicality with reinvented 90s sounds. Borrowing its name from a mad Russian jet fighter FVLCRVM find form in inconsistency.

VIAH (Czech Republic)

A fresh breeze of electro-pop from Czech-Vietnamese singer Viah. She sprang into the limelight in 2018 with album Tears of a Giant, melting together minimalist electronic music with producer Jiří Burian’s dance grooves and lyrics dealing with fragility, the toxicity of social media and soul searching. The tracks morph from whispery piano melancholia to monumental dance floor burners. The talented performer also uses elements of theatre in her live show.

Suzanne Verschueren