Also CZ & SK artists recommended artists by media partners ESNS

Every year ESNS asks their media partners to send their top 5 favorite artists of the lineup. Check out the link below to discover which artists they recommend and make sure to check them out!

CZ & SK shortlist:

Autumnist (SK) recommended by Radio Belgrade

Lenny (CZ) recommended by DIY & Musik Woche

Katarína Máliková (SK) recommended by Radio Wave

Zabelov Group (CZ) recommended by FAZE

The Ills (SK) recommended by Clash & Visions

Hellwana (CZ) recommended by Musik Express & Radio Wave

Tittingur (SK) recommended by Rai IT

Pipes & Pints (CZ) recommended by Nylon & Radio Belgrade

Mydy Rabycad (CZ) recommended by Record of the Day

Suzanne Verschueren