Nouvelle Prague + Bratislava Concert for the Attentive People : Live Review SK & CZ bands

With The Czech Republic and Slovakia being the focus countries for 2019’s Eurosonic Festival in Groningen, we thought it would be quite apt to visit both countries in the space of a fortnight to check out what’s going down in Prague and Slovakia.

Being a mini reunion of the two countries since their split in 1993, the two events couldn’t be more different to one another – The Czech capital hosted the sixth edition of Nouvelle Prague – which is the first ever showcase festival and music conference in the country held over two days featuring bands from all over Europe and Bratislava for a concert called Koncert pre vsimavych aka The Concert for Attentive People, a special event promoted by Pohoda Festival in Slovakia. 

Once in Prague, there were talks including one with Glastonbury and Great Escape booker Martin Elbourne, talking about his time in the music business and How Not to Die of Hunger in the Music Business (Not even joking, that was what it was called). As you’d probably expect, it was about making enough making enough money to make ends meet and not dying of hunger in the music business. Simple.

 But enough about the business side of things and get down to what really matters – the music.

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