01:15 - 02:00 Thursday, January 17, 2019 - Mutua Fides

Circus Brothers

Folk, Balkan brass from Czech Republic

Circus Brothers became a solid part of the Czech music festival scene very quickly. They are well known for their parties that are remembered for a long time. You could meet them on the street, in a club or a big festival but they smashed it every time. They play a hard to describe fast disco Balkan music in which they combine Balkan brass band, disco beats, cheap pop, dirty house, rough rap and pleasing folk. ( 

Circus Brothers is currently looking for
Booking (Hungary, Germany, Austria, Polan, UK, US, Isreal, etc.)
Live opportunities (Hungary, Germany, Austria, Polan, UK, US, Isreal, etc.)

Management & Booking
Martin Brož