00:30 - 01:15 Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - Der AA-Kerk

Bohemian Cristal Instrument

Electronic, Ambient from Czech Republic

A futuristic ritual, an ambient musical transcendence in Digital Age. On an adventurous journey with Bohemian Cristal Instrument (an après Cristal Baschet), Lenka Morávková is processing its acoustic capacities and her ethereal voice to create unexpected soundscapes on the border of movie score and pulsing dance music.  Along with a full band and an immersive light show, Lenka Morávková and her Bohemian Cristal Instrument bring a new multi-sensorial concert experience, which immerses you into a world where futurism, ritual and tradition becomes one. Lenka Morávková's TED talk from 2016 is highly recommended and explains her relationship to glass and explains the magic behind the Bohemian Cristial Instrument.

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