ESNS 2019 focuses on Czech Republic and Slovakia for the first time ever…

Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) will welcome a record amount of (21) artists from Slovakia and Czechia in 2019. This is no coincidence, as Czechia and Slovakia are the ESNS focus countries on 2019. A focus country campaign, which are the fruits of Pohoda Festival’s and SoundCzech's long-standing memberships of the ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme) and CEETEP (Central Eastern European Talent Exchange Programme).

Each year, Eurosonic picks a “focus” country: a country, whose music scene will be in the spotlight during the entirety of the festival as part of ESNS’ promotion of musical diversity that' is found across the European continent. In 2019, ESNS have chosen to highlight two instead of one country for the first time in the festival’s history. 

Following the decision to focus on both Czechia and Slovakia, Eurosonic’s main booker Robert Meijerink says

“We are keen to showcase the unique, high-quality music from these two neighbours. Although they are two of the youngest countries in Europe, they both have diverse and growing music scenes, a great history and lots of amazing music to be discovered.” 

Eurosonic’s Head of Conference, Ruud Berends, further adds: 

“This is the result of a long-term effort and participation of festivals and organizations from the two countries in ETEP and CEETEP”